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Mexico City, 1987

Transdisciplinary artist. 

He is interested in the exploration of space, in traces and found objects. His current practice focuses on the pursuit of generating  alternative records and cartographies of the spaces through which he walks. He works with text, performance, installation, image and video. 

He is currently a student of the Master's Degree in Transdisciplinary Studies at the ZHdK, Switzerland. Previously, he completed bachelor's studies in Composition and Theoretical Music from CIEM and a Master's degree in Artistic Creation from CMA Morelos. He is a recipient of a scholarship from the Conacyt-FINBA program for postgraduate studies abroad.

My practice is focused on the  bodily experience of the landscape. While walking, I allow my ears to guide me, opening up the territory so I can live it with my whole body. I work with traces and fragments found in my paths to construct experiences that reflect the mutual affectation of landscape and body. By using different media such as installation, video, poetry, narrative, printmaking and performance, my artistic research focuses on the fine lines in-between nature and culture; past, present and future, lines which I approach closely in order to unfold and reveal them as  points de encounter.

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